Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Diction: Words Matter

Your Daily Poem delivers words that matter to your email inbox every morning. The creators choose poems in keeping with the seasons. They present, in their own words, “poetry that is touching, funny, provocative, inspiring, and surprising. It may punch you in the gut, it may bring tears to your eyes, it may make you laugh out loud, but it most assuredly will not bore you. Poetry on YDP [Your Daily Poem]--by poets living and long dead, famous to completely unknown--is specially selected for accessibility and appeal.”

I agree. The poems are accessible. They appeal to my senses and sensibilities. Consider the title of a collection from which one poem was selected: We Are Traveling Through Dark at Tremendous Speed by Sarah Sadie.

Photo courtesy of Al Griffin Photography
What an apt description for life? Every future second is an unknown. We see through glasses darkly. No matter how well prepared we are, how extensive our experience and understanding, we take one step, two steps, three steps … into a future that isn’t available for preview.

Furthermore, we hurtle toward that future. With every passing year, the 365 days seems to decrease. Twenty-four hours isn’t enough for all we want and need. We are indeed “traveling through dark at tremendous speed.”

And that is the power of words that matter. They conjure an entire universe, a philosophy, and a worldview. They carry us to heights and valleys, to exhilaration and exquisite sorrow.

And the poem that appeared for Your Daily Poem with Ms. Sadie’s permission was titled “Empathy Party.” It’s available in a downloadable ebook at no charge on Google.

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