Wednesday, December 30, 2015

New Year 2016: In 2016, I resolve to…

Seek more felicitous language and enlightenment. In 2015, one of my favorite resources for both of these was a book titled We Are Not Ourselves by Matthew Thomas. In it, I found these words:

“For now, while he breathed and moved, while he felt and thought, there was still, between this moment and the one of his dying, the interval allotted to him, and there was so much to live for in it: the citrus snap of fresh black tea; the compression and release of a warm stack of folded towels carried to the closet between two hands; the tinny resonance of children in the distance when heard through a bedroom window; the mouth-fullness of cannoli cream; the sudden twitch of a horse’s ear to chase a fly; the neon green of the outfield grass; the map of wrinkles in one’s own hand; the smell and feel, even the taste of dirt; the comfort of a body squeezed against one’s own.”

I furthermore resolve to write more words so that I may know, and above all else, I resolve to laugh often for giggles, chuckles, guffaws, and chortles is joy.

One of life's treasures in "the interval allotted to" me
and to you, one of many moments "to live for" and to
hope for in 2016. May you find them, see them, and
savor them. Happy New Year!
Photo by Al Griffin of Al Griffin Photography
Reading Challenge:

Read We Are Not Ourselves by Matthew Thomas. It will expand your understanding of human conduct and love.

Writing Challenge:

Choose a passage which moved you and explain why or how it did.