Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Word Play Unleashes Ideas

Connye Griffin is My Writing and Editing Coach

Acrostic poetry is a grand way to spend your time inventing and playing with language.

An acrostic simply builds from the letters in a word. Here is one created using the ReadWriteThink lesson linked above.


Sun parts the gloom, softens the air
Pushes frigid winds north, away from us
Reins in Winter’s bite, sparking buds
Inspires us to venture outdoors, breathe
Nature uncovers her palette for our delight
Grants us another dawn, another chance.

Floral Series: Al Griffin Photography

Writing Challenge:

Choose any word.
Write each letter of the word so that the word stacks vertically.
Choose a word that begins with the letter written on each line.
Elaborate upon that word as you see fit.
Write again, choosing different words.


Season alive, 
Pulsing with new life,
Racing to mature, reproduce
Inflaming the passions of men
Nurturing the hopes of men
Giving us reasons to rise again

Revise and edit, insuring that verbs are parallel, punctuation helps instead of hinders, and diction is vivid.