Friday, August 9, 2013

Dear Daughter . . . Love, Dad

Little Princess. Snapshot by Al Griffin

Dear Cinderella,

Tomorrow I leave for business. The timing could not be worse for you. Watching your dear mother grow weak and die should have been the only sorrow you bear. If only I could protect you from all loss and sorrow. I cannot. Life is unrelenting. It drives us onward in directions we may never have imagined. My second marriage is such a direction and a trial for you, especially because I must now leave you in your stepmother's care while I am away. I wish you did not have to spend a single day without me by your side, but you life will not permit it.

Marrying your stepmother was a good business decision for our family. By combining her estate and mine, I will secure the futures for three young girls, you and her daughters. Our combined fortunes will provide for all of you even if you fail to attract a wealthy husband, but you will, my child, you certainly will. You are lovely and blessed with a giving heart. Your stepmother has also promised to provide you with the guidance that a young girl needs in order to marry well, guidance that only a woman of gentility can offer. Thus, I married to strengthen our family, not betray your mother or your memory of her.

The second trial: adjusting to our home without me in it, with your stepmother in charge, I take no less seriously. I know that you have cared for me well and that you have grown accustomed to setting forth tasks for the staff, but you are young, too young to have so much responsibility. I leave you to read and dream and walk and live while your stepmother leads the staff. This, I believe, is a gift to you until you have your own home to manage.

Know that I would not leave you if I could conduct this business from our home. Know that I will miss you and look forward to seeing you upon my return. Know that I neither wish to replace your mother or you with our new family members. I only desire to enhance our lives, especially your own.

Your father cares for you and carries you in his heart always.

Reading Challenge:

Read one or more versions of Cinderella. Disney also has a filmed version that is dear to many of us, young and old.

Writing Challenge:

Pick up last week’s Writing Challenge: Tell Cinderella’s story through letters written by her father (before his passing, of course), Cinderella, her stepmother and stepsisters, the Prince, and the magical creature that works to bring happiness to Cinderella. I think you’ll have great fun with this.