Sunday, February 14, 2010

Good Reasons for Everyone to Write

My Writing and Editing Coach is a mentoring and tutoring service that provides an experienced eye and ear to help you discover and put down on paper the stories and ideas that matter to you. The same eye that has read and absorbed thousands and thousands of words will provide you with encouraging critiques so that you can revise and improve your messages.

So often today, in the college admissions process and work searches, the first impression you make is not with the clothes you wear, but in the words you choose. Fewer face-to-face encounters take place until the candidate has offered a résumé, a letter of interest and inquiry, or an essay. I have served as a guide for many people through these processes, and they have told me that my help has made a difference in the number of acceptances and interviews they were able to earn.

1. At least 40% of colleges and universities require an essay for admission
2. Highly competitive, first-tier colleges and universities require an essay for admission
3. The majority of scholarships require an essay
4. Sixty-six percent of students graduated with debt in 2008; the average debt was $23,186 (Goff, Lisa. “The Best Way to Pay for College.” Reader’s Digest Dec. 2009/Jan.2010: 153).
5. Students who complete a college degree can expect to earn $1.2 million more than a high
school graduate (Goff, Lisa. “The Best Way to Pay for College.” Reader’s Digest Dec. 2009/Jan.2010: 153).

Therefore, high school seniors need to be effective, competitive writers in order to a) gain admission, b) secure scholarships, c) reduce debt, and d) increase career earnings.

In addition,

1. Work searches for competitive, salaried positions begin with résumés that require quality
cover letters.
2. In today’s market, with so many people searching for work, writing is often the first gateway
to a face-to-face interview and/or application for the position.

Therefore, graduates and workers searching for post-education earning opportunities need
to write effectively in order to market themselves.


1. An aging population often becomes reflective, longing to tell his/her stories so that the next
generation will know and remember the lives of those who have gone before and perhaps,
profit by them.
2. Although writing tasks can produce stress and even avoidance syndromes, writing can also
be therapeutic because writing a) exercises aching joints and digits, b) clarifies thought and encourages both memory and sorting activity in the brain, c) helps writers remain mentally alert, and d) provides purpose.

Therefore, adults need to write and can be coached to do so, leaving a history for their
children and/or taking a journey toward an enhanced quality of life.

Stay tuned for weekly writing tips and assignments.